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What is Alan Partridge World?

A World of 12″ plates, travel taverns, farmers throwing cows off bridges, obscure radio shows and much more…..there really is no place quite like Alan Partridge World.

And there really is no individual (we can very confidently say) anywhere in the civilised World quite like Alan Partridge.

A man that can be described in so few words, but mostly words that cannot be written on a public forum such as this!!!

We aim to bring you the very best from Alan Partridge including his classic moments in pictures, his very best quotes and one-liners, and actual video clips that will no doubt have you laughing and cringeing in equal measure.

Here’s some ‘classics’ from Alan, just to whet your appetite…Check out the Classic Alan Partridge Quotes and Clips, as voted for by us fans==> 

Over the years, Alan Partridge has provided us followers with much happiness and awkwardness……well, if truth be told, actually more of the awkwardness than happiness, but he has certainly brought us entertainment in overwhelming volume.

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Alan Partridge World is a tribute to the man that has kept us entertained for so long with his forthright and quite often delusional opinions of trivial matters, such as his views on the ‘pedestrianisation of Norwich City Centre’.

But when all is said and done, we wouldn’t have Alan Partridge any other way would we?

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Alan Partridge World

Alan has the uncanny knack of rubbing people up the wrong way, but nobody can knock his determination to be a success.

His career has given him ample opportunity to become a man of the people but owing to his low tolerance of the general public, previous roles have faltered and future roles seem pretty unlikely.

But the time we have had with him on our screens and in our ears, has been very ‘special’ and as fans we continue to enjoy everything that he has been involved in.

Just a shame that we are very much in the minority! 😉

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